Thursday, 14 February 2013

Download Hulk DDoser Script In PHP

Hey hii guys Welcome To Best4Hack. In this post i am going to share Hulk DDoser Script In PHP. As Hulk DDoser are in Python format Hulk DDoser are mainly use for dosing the Websites to take them down or to crash a website and many newbies in  Python Language or who don't no Python Language are not able to use this script properly or many peoples who does not have good Internet connection or slow Internet connection are not able to use this DDos Script  so this script is Made and Developed by Manish Tanwar from Team Indishell. You can use this Script by hosting this Script on any free hosting Websites. It is very easy to use this script. You have to do only 1 this to use this script you have to just enter the URL of Targeted Website and click on "lets game begin 8-))" and ddos will start.

You can Download this script from bellow given link and upload it to free hosting website or upload to your won hacking website and after uploading it will look like bellow given image

Download Hulk DDoser Script by Team Indishell [php]

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